Town of Perry, Maine
                                                    "Halfway Between the Equator and the North Pole"

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AT REST - A list of Perry Cemeteries and those who are buried therein.



The Town of Perry was incorporated February 12th, 1818 and named after Commander Oliver Hazard Perry.

In 1842, there were 177 legal voters.  Perry was thriving by the mid-1850's. There were carriage builders, brick manufacturers, sawmills, four shipyards and a grist mill.

In the late 1800's, weirs were constructed along East Bay, Birch Point, Gleason's Point and along the St. Croix to capture herring to be processed at the sardine factories in Perry and Eastport.

Hundreds of cords of wood were cut and sent to mills or shipped via the railroad.

Ice was cut from lakes for food preservation, maple syrup was tapped from trees and farming was very important.

Today there are many small businesses in Perry.  The present population is 850. There are three public boat landings - Gleason's Cove, Sipps Bay and the Horse Landing.

This information taken from the Perry Sesquicentennial.