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The Town of Perry has digitized its tax maps.

On this site visitors can download tax map sheets as PDF files – essentially a “picture” of the tax map sheets. You can also download an index of these maps online.

Perry Tax Maps

2015 Valuation Report
2014 Valuation Report
2013 Valuation Report
2012 Valuation Report
2011 Valuation Report
2010 Valuation Report
2009 Valuation Report
2008 Valuation Report
2007 Valuation Report
2006 Valuation Report

2015 Commitment Book
2014 Commitment Book
2013 Commitment Book
2012 Commitment Book
2011 Commitment Book
2010 Commitment Book
2009 Commitment Book
2008 Commitment Book
2007 Commitment Book
2006 Commitment Book